Sunday, 27 January 2013

Ninja's!!!! and a Trench-coat Ganger!

Its been raining all frickin night....... So instead of getting the Future Widow undercoated, I have been basing up a few more figures, namely 2 Pulp-City Ninja's, a Hasslefree Martial Artist, and one of Heresy's Trench-coat Gangers

The ganger got a custom techno base, I built tonight from a cut up bit of GW plastic, and GS....

nothing too fancy.... Just enough to help him match in with the rest of my "Delaque" Gang for Necromunda.

One Ninja got a minimal basing treatment.... I will add texture to the base and paint it up to look like asphalt.
I still have plans to swap his right hand weapon out for a  bow, because I wanted to base him and the other one on Stormshadow and Snake-eyes, like on this old comic: 

The other guy seemed posed like he was launching himself off a vertical surface so his base got a little more custom work......

as you can see, he also got himself a sub-machine gun...

The Hasslefree model was acquired because in PC the Ninja's are taken in units of 3, and there were only two models in the pack from Pulp-monsters......

The pose of this mini immediately made me think of Danny Russo, I think in Karate kid 2 doing his Kata's balanced on top of a post...... so there she is.... miss Dannielle Russo.... lol

I realise this is almost a double post in one day..... but hey... I been a busy boy..... 

As always comments are most welcome and appreciated


  1. Nice options with the bases, now come on chop chop get painting them :D

  2. I am... I am!!!!!

    managed to get them undercoated when the rain let off for 5 minutes.... and started base coating them.....