Saturday, 26 January 2013

Freebooter's Future Widow build.

This is the prize I was lucky enough to bag in HendyBadger's Paint the City Pink charity project on his  
First up, here's what ya get (except for the 30mm round base)

Now the square base insert is beautiful..... far too nice to just chuck in the "bitzbox" so I modified it up to make it fit the round base to match in with the rest of my Necromunda Escher gang......

Oh and I pin everything thats not plastic these days..... Especially since I have been collecting Malifaux, hence the arm in this pic... I am fairly certain it would have been a good fit into its socket, and didn't "need" the pin..... but its a hard habit to break......

The fnished model ended up thusly:

I haven't attached the Sword as yet.... mainly cos it will be cheaper to "buy" her into my gang if I only have to pay out for the pistol......

So there you have my latest model put together.... now I just has to paint her....

As always any comments are much appreciated


P.S. if you want one of these lovelies.... find them here.


  1. Such a nice mini. Glad you like her

  2. Its a very nice pose and will fit in well with your Escher.